• Favorites

    With TideTrac easily add multiple tide stations to your favorite list and quickly switch between them anytime.

  • Offline viewing

    All tide stations added to the favorite list are available for offline use. One of the best features of TideTrac.

  • Fast & Easy

    Beautiful interface makes it easy to navigate and view all important information on a single screen.


  • Includes thousands of tide stations in United States (coastal US stations only).
  • View all tide stations plotted on a map for easy browsing and selection.
  • Add tide stations to 'favorites list' with one simple touch.
  • Offline viewing of tide events & tide graph enabled for all favorite stations.
  • Lookup tide predictions until 2014 (more will be added as available).
  • View high and low tides for the selected day.
  • View tide data for a whole month.
  • View highest tides of a month & lowest tides of a month.
  • View tide graph and using a time slider find the tide level for any time.
  • Quickly shift from month to month or move from day to day and watch the tide change.
  • Requires internet connection only the first time a tide station is selected.
  • View Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise and Moonset times.
  • Accounts for daylight savings time and different timezones.
  • Includes a Moon calendar with different phases of the moon displayed.[iPad only]
  • Includes a tide look up table to lookup tides by hour of the day [iPad only]

What is not included in TideTrac is information on currents and local weather. Before purchasing the app, please take a look at the list of supported tide stations from http://www.tidetrac.com/stations/.

Screenshots (iPad)

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Screenshots (iPhone)

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Available on the AppStore     Available on the AppStore

DISCLAIMER - Tide data displayed in TideTrac are based upon astronomical tide predictions and does not take into account the effects of wind, storm, rain, freshwater runoff, floods and other meteorological events. The tide graph rendered uses the predicted high tide and low tide events of the day and the segments between these tide events are approximated. Do NOT use TideTrac for NAVIGATION purpose or any other purpose that may result in personal injury or property damage. Use it at your own risk.